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Jacko Memorial Slows House Internet

Cannon House Office Building breaks for Michael



    Jacko Memorial Slows House Internet
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    Michael's memorial had House staffers glued to their Internets Tuesday afternoon.

    WASHINGTON -- The Michael Jackson memorial service rivaled the NCAA Tournament as the greatest online work distraction ever Tuesday afternoon -- at least on Capitol Hill.

    House techies blamed slow Internet on House staffers watching the memorial live online, Politico reported.

    "Just as an fyi the internet is slow as a result of the MJ Memorial Service. A notice will soon be posted on Housenet," wrote the Committee on House Administration's technology director in an e-mail to House staffers.

    An e-mail sent by the head of House tech operation read, "We are monitoring both Internet connections and they are maxed out at 155 Mbps inbound."

    A staffer told Politico's Shenanigans that everyone in the Cannon House Office Building was watching the memorial behind closed doors. Halls were empty, the staffer said, and an intern was seen crying.