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"Why Did Leonardo DiCaprio Paint the Mona Lisa?"

Bruno stops by the "Today" show



    "Why Did Leonardo DiCaprio Paint the Mona Lisa?"
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    Bruno, right, sporting armor.

    Sasha Baron Cohen was back in character this morning for a visit to the "Today" show, sporting a metallic silver body suit and a ridiculously small hat worn at a jaunty angle.

    After showing a clip from the film "Bruno" of the eponymous fashionista clad in a suit made of Velcro backstage at a Milan runway show, host Matt Lauer gamely played straight man.

    "Whose idea was it?" Lauer asked about the outfit.

    "You know, it was mine," replied Bruno. "No big deal ... Why did I do it? ... Why does an artist do anything? Why did Louis Armstrong walk on the moon? ... Why did Leonardo DiCaprio paint the Mona Lisa?"

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    Wielding his special brand of idiocy, Bruno had the studio crew laughing right along with him.

    As is his custom, Bruno eventually took things a little too far, declaring his desire to "become the most famous celebrity from Austria since Hitler," sending an uncomfortable ripple of laughter through the room.