AmEx Will Pay You to Go Away

Here’s a credit card offer made for the recession: Please leave your home without it.

American Express has offered to send its worst customers $300 prepaid debit cards if they close accounts with the company, is reporting.

Normally credit card companies offer free tote bags and other crap to win business. But facing rising delinquencies, AmEx has decided that it’s better off to rid itself of some customers to shore up its balance sheet.

“This is an offer we made to select card members to incent them to help pay down their balance,” Molly Faust, an American Express spokeswoman told Bloomberg News.

Not everyone who wants in is eligible, according to Creditmattersblog. AmEx’s offer to “help customers simplify” their finances will come via e-mail or snail mail.

If you are so lucky to be invited to opt-in to the program, watch out for its fine print.

You only get two months to pay off your balance; otherwise you forfeit your claim to the $300.

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