Wash. Post Cancels Hilarious “Pay Money for Access” Dinners

Someone wrote a bad flier!

Very important local broadsheet The Washington Post has recently been circulating fliers to lobbyists and other Beltway insiders offering insane access to members of Congress, Obama administration officials and Post reporters, at the home of Post publisher Katherine Weymouth, for $25,000 per single event or $250,000 for the whole series of 11 events. (Save $25,000!) (They are calling the events "salons"!)

(Isn't this unethical?)

The salons have been canceled.

Yes, canceled, because should a NEWS-PAPER be offering the "general public" (*cough* cough* LOBBYISTS *cough*) access to its reporters' secrets, and the government's secrets, at the evil horror mansion of a rich newspaper lady's home? It's the New Ethics! No, actually, the ethics are not quite there yet.

Worse yet, the Post appears to be blaming this "screw-up" on some poor guy in its marketing department, who just made the flier -- he didn't come up with the idea! We know that the Post is blaming him, because the article trashing him appears in the Post:

The fliers were approved by a top Post marketing executive, Charles Pelton, who said it was "a big mistake" on his part and that he had done so "without vetting it with the newsroom."

Considering these salons have been in the works for more than a year, maybe leave poor Charles Pelton off the hook for writing a not-so-subtle ("true") flier.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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