Final Florida Push: Mitt Romney in Sanford, Michelle Obama in Orlando Monday | NBC 6 South Florida
Final Florida Push: Mitt Romney in Sanford, Michelle Obama in Orlando Monday
Jeb Bush and Condoleezza Rice holding event in Davie on campaign's final day

The presidential campaigns made their final push for votes in Florida Monday as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and First Lady Michelle Obama are both held rallies in the Sunshine State.

Romney spoke at a victory rally at the Avion Jet Center in Sanford early in the morning, where he made his final drive for votes in front of a Florida audience and took some shots at President Barack Obama.

"His plan for the next four years is to take all the ideas from his first four years, you know, the stimulus, the tax increase, the borrowing, Obamacare, and do them all over again," Romney said. "He calls this plan 'forward,' I call it 'forewarned.'"

Romney is also visiting Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire on Monday.

Michelle Obama: "It's All on the Line" Tuesday

Michelle Obama: "It's All on the Line" Tuesday

Michelle Obama: "It's All on the Line" Tuesday

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama made her last solo campaign stop at Southport Park in Orlando Monday evening. She began her remarks by focusing on the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

She then thanked supporters, including singer Ricky Martin, who got the crowd energized beforehand. "And of course I want to thank the gorgeous, the incomparable, Ricky Martin," she said.

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“This is my final solo stop, and I’m glad to be here with you all, I really am," said Michelle Obama, who said she would meet the president for a rally in Des Moines, Iowa a few hours later.

She recounted the accomplishments of her husband's administration – and said the country’s only choice is to keep going forward with him as its leader.

“Yes, all of the progress that we made, all of it’s at stake tomorrow. It’s all on the line. And as Barack has said, this election will be even closer than the last one," she said. "That is the only guarantee, so just know that. And it will all come down to what happens in a few key battleground states, like right here in Florida, this state. You all have the power."

President Obama made a campaign stop at McArthur High School in Hollywood on Sunday, where he urged supporters to vote with the help of rapper Pitbull.

Obama is spending Monday in Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa.

In South Florida Monday, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush campaigned for Romney at a get-out-the vote event at Broward College in Davie.

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