U.S. Short Swine Flu Vaccine For Flu Season Start

Only 45 million of 120 million doses of vaccine will be ready in time as forecast

The Obama administration will not be able to deliver enough swine flu vaccine for millions of Americans by the beginning of flu season in mid-October, The Associated Press reported.

In what a Health and Human Services spokesperson called a manufacturing delay, not a shortage, the government expects it will take a month more than forecast to inoculate those most in need of a vaccine -- pregnant women, children, health care workers and young adults with asthma.

The government originally planned to have 120 million doses stockpiled, but now predicts only 45 million shots will be ready for the public health campaign, according to the AP.

Officials had maintained as recently as last month that the government would meet its dose targets despite reports that H1N1 vaccine manufactures were having trouble filling orders.

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