Medicare 14 hours ago

Pelosi Sets Showdown Vote on Medicare Drug Negotiations Bill

The House will hold a showdown vote next week on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill empowering Medicare to negotiate drug prices, expanded Thursday to provide seniors with dental, vision and hearing benefits not currently covered. Leading Democratic committee chairmen said the Congressional Budget Office has indicated that Pelosi’s bill would save the government $500 billion over 10 years, which they pledged…

  • Nov 27

    E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Calif. Romaine Lettuce Reaches 67 Cases

    U.S. health officials are warning people not to eat romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, California, after an E. coli-linked food poisoning outbreak reached 67 cases across 19 states. The Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday said 39 people had been hospitalized after contracting the food-borne illness, which can cause diarrhea, vomiting and fever. No deaths have been reported. The CDC

  • Nov 27

    Moms Are Binge Drinking More, But So Are All Women, Study Finds

    Moms are binge drinking more, but they’re not the only ones: According to a study released Tuesday, binge drinking rates are on the rise for nearly all groups of Americans, whether they have children or not, NBC News reported. “There had been a lot of media attention on the ‘mommy drinking phenomenon,’” said the study’s lead author Sarah McKetta, a

  • Nov 26

    Further Evidence Links Vitamin E Oil to Vaping Illnesses

    More evidence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention links synthetic vitamin E oil added to illegal THC products to the vaping-related illnesses that have sickened 2,290 people, NBC News reported. In the report published Tuesday, investigators at the Minnesota Department of Health analyzed products containing THC, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient. Twenty product samples obtained from vaping illness patients contained

  • Nov 25

    More Polio Cases Now Caused by Vaccine Than by Wild Virus

    Four African countries have reported new cases of polio linked to the oral vaccine, as global health numbers show there are now more children being paralyzed by viruses originating in vaccines than in the wild. In a report late last week, the World Health Organization and partners noted nine new polio cases caused by the vaccine in Nigeria, Congo, Central

  • Nov 25

    Stop! Washing Your Thanksgiving Turkey Could Spread Germs

    Go ahead and rinse your cranberries, potatoes and green beans. But food say experts say don’t — repeat don’t — wash the turkey before popping it in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. They say that could spread the germs lurking on your turkey in the kitchen sink or nearby food. But it’s been a challenge trying to convince cooks to

  • Nov 25

    Colleges Struggle With Soaring Student Demand for Counseling

    More college students are turning to their schools for help with anxiety, depression and other mental health problems, and many must wait weeks for treatment or find help elsewhere as campus clinics struggle to meet demand, an AP review of more than three dozen public universities found.

  • Nov 24

    Paging Dr. Robot: Artificial Intelligence Moves Into Care

    The next time you get sick, your care may involve a form of the technology people use to navigate road trips or pick the right vacuum cleaner online. Artificial intelligence is spreading into health care, often as software or a computer program capable of learning from large amounts of data and making predictions to guide care or help patients. It

  • Nov 23

    Flu Season Is Picking Up, Particularly in the South and the West, CDC Says

    Flu activity is picking up across the country, indicating an earlier start to this year’s flu season, particularly in the South and in the West, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The uptick doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a bad season — flu is notoriously unpredictable — but some clues from earlier this year point

  • Nov 23

    Chicken Fried Rice Recalled; May Have Plastic Bits

    A Mississippi company is recalling more than 86 tons of chicken fried rice because it may contain bits of plastic. Ajinomoto Foods North America Inc. of Oakland, Mississippi, reported the problem after customers complained, according to recall notice Friday from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.

  • Nov 22

    Federal Opioid Addiction Treatment Dollars Off-Limits for Some Medical Marijuana States

    The U.S. government is barring federal dollars meant for opioid addiction treatment to be used on medical marijuana.

  • Nov 22

    US Officials: Don’t Eat Romaine Lettuce Grown in Salinas, Calif.

    U.S. health officials on Friday told people to avoid romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, California, because of another food poisoning outbreak. The warning comes almost exactly one year after a similar outbreak led to a blanket warning about tainted romaine.

  • Nov 21

    Medicare Drug Plan Finder Can Steer Seniors to Higher Costs

    Medicare’s revamped prescription plan finder can steer unwitting seniors to coverage that costs much more than they need to pay, according to people who help with sign-ups as well as program experts. Serving some 60 million Medicare recipients, the plan finder is the most commonly used tool on and just got its first major update in a decade. The

  • Nov 21

    Woman Removes Entire Stomach to Preempt Cancer Diagnosis

    A Washington woman is approaching the one-year anniversary of a rare milestone: In December 2018, Emily LeFrancq had her stomach removed after finding out that she was a carrier of a mutated gene.

  • Nov 20

    Trump to Meet on Teen Vaping as Plans for Flavor Ban Fade

    President Donald Trump will meet with medical experts, health advocates and industry representatives on the problem of underage vaping later this week, White House officials said Wednesday. Electronic cigarette use by teenagers has surged, but federal authorities have not yet finalized a plan for regulating e-cigarettes. At the White House meeting set for Friday, administration officials said Trump will hear

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