Safely Munch Away on These Peanut Butter Crackers

The peanut butter salmonella outbreak that has overtaken the commercial food industry is killing one of America’s favorite snack foods, Lance Peanut Butter Crackers.

But they want you to know that you can safely munch on their toasted mini-sandwiches.

Lance, the #1 snack sandwich cracker brand in the U.S., was happy to report (see the blaring image they posted on their website to the left) that they were NOT part of the FDA’s peanut butter recall.

The company actually makes all of their own peanut butter.

Food safety officials visited the company’s North Carolina bakery in the middle of January and gave the all clear after reviewing and testing their baking process and products.

Over 500 people have been stricken with salmonella after consuming tainted peanut butter products and more than 1,300 consumer products have been recalled.

Health officials traced the outbreak back to unhealthy conditions at the Peanut Corporation of America, a company that produces peanut products for consumer foods manufacturers and institutions such as schools and nursing homes.

Lance says it has eight products containing peanut butter that are good to eat:

  • ToastChee
  • Reduced Fat ToastChee
  • Toasty, Reduced Fat Toasty
  • Captain’s Wafers Peanut Butter and Honey
  • Malt Peanut Butter
  • Wheat Crackers with Peanut Butter
  • Nekot

For more information on the peanut butter salmonella outbreak, visit the FDA's website.

Happy Snacking!

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