South Florida

11 Animals Rescued From “Gruesome” Farm: SPCA

Eight horses, two ponies, and a cow were rescued from an illegal slaughter farm in the east Everglades Wednesday, officials with the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said.

The horses were found at the farm in the area of 12700 Southwest 194th Avenue, the SPCA said.

Miami-Dade Police said a man who was at the property, 49-year-old Osmany Gomez, was charged with 11 counts each of animal cruelty and confinement of animals without food and water.

When officers arrived on the farm, Gomez, who said he is the caretaker, was covered in blood and said he had recently slaughtered three pigs for consumption, police said.

The horses were underweight and had their ribs showing, and Gomez said he keeps no food on the property but feeds the horses grass, a police report said.

The farm was described as "gruesome" by the SPCA. Some of the horses appeared to be underfed in photos released by the organization. The police report said animal remains were also found on the property.

"As long as there is a market for the meat, the animals are going to continue to be killed," said Laurie Wagner.

The horses were brought to the SPCA's farm in Homestead where they will be cared for.

"I don't see anything that won't be fixed with a little TLC and groceries," said Dr. Zachary Franklin.

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