17-Year-Old Twins Who Helped Man Escape From Broward Courthouse to be Tried as Adults

Two twin teenagers who were part of the group that helped a murder suspect escape from the Broward County Courthouse last month will be tried as adults for their roles.

TreVon and KreTron Barnes, both 17, had been held in juvenile court since their arrest following the July 15th escape of Dayonte Resiles on multiple charges, including aiding in the escape.

Resiles, who was awaiting trial in the September 2014 murder of a woman insider her Davie home, was able to get out of a courthouse during the morning he was scheduled to have a hearing and ask for the dismissal of the death penalty in the case.

After running out of the courtroom, Resiles was able to break free of his jail uniform, shackles and handcuffs before running down a stairwell at the courthouse.

Following their arrest, police said that one of the twins was responsible for coughing into a cell phone inside the court room to notify the other twin, who was inside a waiting vehicle that Resiles had escaped.

Resiles was arrested six days later in Palm Beach County, where the twin brothers were from.

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