Three Hospitalized, Including Toddler and Baby, After Rollover Crash in Sunrise Park

What to Know

  • Mother and her 2-month-old and 2-year-old were injured.
  • Police said speed was a factor

Three people, including two young children, were injured Tuesday in a vehicle accident inside Markham Park in Sunrise.

Emergency crews responded to the scene on 16000 State Road 84. Police said it was a single vehicle rollover crash.

Sunrise Police say that Pamela Thompson was behind the wheel with her two month old son and two year old daughter also inside. All three were taken to Broward Health Medical Center. Their conditions are unknown.

Footage showed debris strewn across the park and the silver pickup truck  in a mangled mess. A tree was also ripped from its roots from the impact.

Sunrise officers said speed was a factor and caused her to lose control. They are investigating why Thompson was going at a high-rate of speed in the park.

For regulars at Markham Park, the crash scene was heartbreaking and unusual.

"It's insane, crazy," said Charlie Eiglarsh.

The cause of the crash is being investigated.

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