3 Teens Arrested for Spray-Painting MLK

Video surveillance helps cops find teens who spray painted a bust of Dr. Martin Luther King

Three teens who spray painted a bust of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will soon find out if the Juvenile Detention Center has arts and crafts time.

Hollywood police arrested two 14-year-old boys and a 17-year old teen on Wednesday in connection with the crime, which resulted in the face of the leader of the Civil Rights movement being covered in white paint.

Cops charged the three with vandalism and not a hate crime because not enough evidence is currently available to say the paiting was racially motivated, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel  reported.

The bust of MLK is located in Hollywood's downtown ArtsPark and was spray painted early Monday morning. Surveillance cameras in the park captured the act and a homeless man sleeping in the park also helped to identify the suspects.

The bronze statue had been in the park for about two months as part of a city MLK tribute exhibit.

Two spray cans found near the scene are being checked for fingerprints. The teens also allegedly broke into nearby store fronts and left their spray paint marks in windows and on doors.

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