4 Arrested in Undercover Drug Bust at Miami Market

Four people were arrested for selling cocaine out of a Miami supermarket Tuesday, police said.

After months of investigation, Miami police closed in on the Crystal Supermarket in Little Havana and forced the owners to close down.

A man and woman who own the supermarket at 401 Northwest 12th Avenue were taken into custody, along with two female clerks, police said.

"Indeed what was going on inside that market was not your typical grocery shopping. Apparently people would walk up and they were selling bags of cocaine," said said Kenia Reyes of the Miami Police Department.

And a lot of it. Investigators said they found nearly 134 grams of cocaine inside. That's a street value of more than $10,000.

Miami Police said they also found a lot of weapons and more than $18,000 in cash.

"Lots of times kids are riding their bikes up and down the streets and these type of sales bring criminal elements to the neighborhoods," Reyes said.

Juan Villalonga, 54, was among the arrests. police say he is already a felon for drug trafficking. Also arrested, Nerylis Bautista, 49, Irene Estrada, 24, and Christina Trujillo, 26.

Customers said they had no idea what was going on in the store, saying they never saw anything unusual.

Investigators said they conducted several controlled buys, purchasing bags of cocaine, with the most recent set up this month for $200.

"We encourage people to call us if you find unusual activity going on with in your neighborhoods. Those calls are always welcome," Reyes said.

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