5 Relatives, Including South Florida Grandmother, Battling Coronavirus

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Five people in the same family are battling coronavirus, with one of them in grave condition in the hospital.

Miriam Vega and her family are living a nightmare — they say they’re leaning on God and each other to get through it.

"We hope for the very best but we still have to prepare for the worst," she said. "The virus has a mind of its own."

Miriam's mother, Ana, is just 60 years old and was healthy and strong.

She isn't the only family member with COVID-19. Miriam says two of her sisters, her brother and an in-law also tested positive.

"(Ana is) my traveling buddy ... She loves theme parks," Miriam said.

Ana contracted coronavirus, and she's been sedated and intubated for the past 24 days at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Her family hasn't been able to visit her since she was admitted last month.

"We all miss her. We love her and we need her. We need her with us," Miriam said.

They're sharing their struggles in the hopes they can give others strength.

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