64-Foot, Solar-Powered Vessel Debuts at Miami International Boat Show

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The Miami International Boat Show is the Super Bowl of the nautical world in South Florida. Literally.

The boat show brings in about $800 million in economic impact to the state of Florida annually- nearly twice as much as the Super Bowl.

The five-day event runs until February 17th and features more than 1,400 available for your purchase at Miami Marine Stadium, perhaps none of them more spectacular as the one shown by Serenity, a company that produces solar-powered Yachts.

The company is only three years old, but has made a splash at this year’s boat show by introducing its 64-foot vessel.

The yacht fits 30 comfortably and sleeps 8 as it boasts four bedrooms, a kitchen, full bathroom, several lounge areas, and 65 square meters of solar panels.

The company’s founder, Boyd Taylor, says to allow the boat to run exclusively on solar energy, they had to cut around 8,000 lbs. of weight. To do so his company uses carbon fiber instead of fiber glass during construction, but still manages to competitively price the vessel to similar luxury vessels that use fiber glass.

In the world of luxury that’s a cool $3.3 million.

The batteries that run the yacht can power it overnight and into the morning, until it can soak up more sun.

It also has a diesel tank on board in case of emergencies, but Taylor says the goal is to change the world of yachting by powering the entire vessel through solar energy.

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