911 Call Released in Fatal Dangling Box Truck Crash

Police release 911 call from highway overpass crash that killed on

A passerby who came upon a box truck that was left dangling over a South Florida highway overpass last week told a 911 operator that the truck's driver knew his passenger was dead in a 911 call released by police Monday.

"There's a passenger, the guy keeps saying the guy is dead, but I don't know if he is or not, he's hanging off the side," the unidentified caller told the operator.

The fatal crash happened Wednesday on the State Road 84 westbound on-ramp from Interstate 95 in Fort Lauderdale.

VIDEO: Firefighters Pull Driver From Dangling Truck

"I'm up here by 95 on 84 on the overpass. A truck has hit the center and it's hanging halfway off," the caller told the operator. "It's on 84, but there's a lot of debris on 95 that cars are hitting."

Police say the Isuzu Tracy Bakery box truck struck a barrier and ended up suspended over the side of the overpass, up against a pillar.

It's actually hanging half off the bridge, it hit a column," said the caller, who added that he didn't witness the crash. "Both of em's in the vehicle."

VIDEO: Dangling Truck Pulled Onto Overpass

The driver, 43-year-old Buenaventura Fernandez Jr., was pulled from the truck by fire rescue workers with a minor injury. His passenger, who still hasn't been identified, was killed at the scene.

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