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Decision 2018

Decision 2018

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Boxes Found in Broward Used for Office Supplies, Not Ballots: Officials



    Brenda Snipes Discusses Provisional Ballot Box Found in Broward

    Dr. Brenda Snipes discusses how a provisional ballot box was found in Broward.

    (Published Monday, Nov. 12, 2018)

    Elections officials say boxes labeled with the words "provisional ballots" that have shown up around Broward County contain offices supplies used on Election Day and are not used to collect actual filled-out ballots.

    Broward supervisor of elections attorney Eugene Pettis says the boxes contain office supplies and a red envelope for polling places to use for any provisional ballots. Provisional ballots are cast when someone votes without identification or their eligibility cannot immediately be verified by elections officials.

    Pettis says provisional ballots are sealed inside the envelope and sent separately to the supervisor of elections' office. The box is then loaded with office supplies and dispatched to the same office but does not contain any ballots.

    One such box found at an elementary school was opened for reporters. It contained only the office supplies.

    Recount Continues in Broward Amid Lawsuits

    [MI] Recount Continues in Broward Amid Lawsuits

    NBC 6 has team coverage as votes are being counted during the next four days while lawyers for both sides are in court stating their case.

    (Published Monday, Nov. 12, 2018)

    Additional boxes were found late Sunday in the back of a returned rental car at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Broward Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright says deputies transported them back to the proper office.

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