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Ex-Stripper Bares All Against Catholic Priest

An ex-stripper claims she had an affair with Catholic priest that produced a daughter



    Ex-Stripper Bares All Against Catholic Priest
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    A Catholic priest listens to confession.

    Stop us if you’ve heard this one.

    So a priest goes into a strip club one day and tells a stripper she has demons in her and he was sent by God to help. He then takes her home, has sex with her and takes her to swingers clubs before impregnating the stripper.

    After it all the priest says, “I think God gave me the wrong message. See ya.”

    Unfortunately for a Miami woman, the joke was on her, and now she is going to court to flip the script.

    Beatrice Hernandez spoke with the media Tuesday to tell her side of a twisted story that is sure to cast more dispersions on the Archdiocese of Miami, which is still reeling from the Alberto Cutié drama just a few months ago.

    Hernandez claims Father David Dueppen had a long-standing affair with the ex-stripper that introduced her to the life of a swinger and nudist colonies. The two met at Porky's on, of all days, a Sunday, in 2003.

    The stripper and the priest lived together all while Dueppen continued to conduct mass and minister at St. Francis de Sales on Miami Beach, the same parish once manned by Cutié.

    Her proof of the affair: a 9-month old daughter, which her attorney claims DNA evidence proves the priest is the father.

    “He can wrap you up so good. He can speak to you so good,” said Hernandez, who is seeking a permanent restraining order against her unholy baby daddy. “He told me I had evil spirits and he was going to relieve me of those evil spirits.”

    Officials for the Archdiocese have said they knew of Father Dueppen’s indiscretions in 2005 and paid Hernandez a settlement to keep quiet about the affair.

    Dueppen was reprimanded and punished by going to spiritual counseling, similar to what Cutié allegedly was ordered to do after pictures leaked of him with his hands down his now-wife's bikini.

    At least Cutié decided to say to hell with the celibate life and left the Catholic Church. Dueppen, however, decided to keep the faith and was transferred from his parish in Miami Beach to Broward, according to CBS4.

    But that didn’t stop him from going back to Hernandez and the couple eventually got pregnant. Hernandez also alleges Dueppen choked her and threatened to take the baby if she opened her mouth.

    Now Hernandez is looking for child support, while Father Dueppen and the Archdiocese are looking for a miracle to make this scandal go away.

    “It was like he was making fun of God,” Hernandez said. “This is about protection for my daughter.”

    The two could square off in court on Thursday about the restraining order.