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Family Asks for Public's Help After Shooting of Pregnant Woman in Miami

Tiffany Davis, 27, and her now-born baby is in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital, police said



    A shooting in Miami has left one man dead and a pregnant woman who was also shot is in critical condition after giving birth, police said. Vickie Smith, the aunt of the victim Tiffany Davis, spoke about the case. Porsha Scott said it would mean a lot to her if authorities apprehend the person who killed her brother, Rodney Durant. Miami Police Det. John Rusinque expressed concern about the shooting. (Published Friday, Dec. 14, 2012)

    Kimilee Davis could barely come up with the pleas for help Friday, days after her pregnant daughter Tiffany was shot standing outside a grocery store in Miami.

    "All I can say is it was the wrong time for her to be there,” the mother said.

    Tiffany Davis, 27, is in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital after she was shot in the head and stomach, police said.

    Her eight-month-old unborn baby was shot in the arm and born prematurely as a result, police said. The baby is also in critical condition at the hospital.

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    Davis and Rodney Durant, 19, were standing outside a store at 1700 NW 2nd Court Sunday night when they were both struck multiple times by shots, police said. Durant died at the hospital, they said.

    Detectives have minimal information on the shooter, who fled from the scene after the shooting, according to police. Relatives of both families asked the public for information at the Miami Police Department Friday.

    "Every time you saw Tiffany, you saw her with her kids,” said Davis’ aunt, Vickie Smith. “And for somebody to just come up and shoot her like that and her unborn baby, who never entered this world, did not deserve that."

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    Durant’s younger sister tearfully asked for help, saying that her brother is gone.

    "And he had no kids to leave behind, or nothing. All I got is some memories,” Porsha Scott said. “Me and my brother was real close. It'd mean a lot for me for them to catch the person who did it."

    Detectives say it was a drive-by shooting, with at least two male suspects, the driver and the gunman, firing off up to 10 shots, according to police.

    Det. John Rusinque said he knows people were in and out of the store at the time of the shooting – and can help find the suspects.

    "Number one, what gives them the right to shoot somebody that's pregnant and another young man that was standing on the corner?” Rusinque said. “It concerns me because if they could do this to somebody like that, they could that to anybody in the community."

    Authorities urge anyone with information to call the Miami Police Homicide Unit at 305-603-6350.

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