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"Impostor" Florida Teen Matthew Scheidt Sentenced, Gets Year in Jail for Posing as Physician Assistant

Teen convicted of posing as health worker gets year behind bars, 8 years probation



    Hours after his release on bond, alleged teen fake cop busted again. (Published Friday, Jan. 20, 2012)

    A Florida teen who was arrested in Miami Beach earlier this year for impersonating a police officer was sentenced Wednesday to a year behind bars for impersonating a physician assistant at a Kissimmee-area hospital emergency room.

    Matthew Scheidt, 18, will also spend a year on house arrest followed by eight years probation, according to WPTV.

    Scheidt had been convicted in August of two counts of practicing medicine without a license and two counts of impersonating a physician assistant.

    Florida Teen Posed as Physician Assistant, Treated Patients: Cops

    Scheidt was arrested in September 2011 after he was found treating patients at the emergency room at Osceola Regional Medical Center, according to police.

    Police said Scheidt, 17 at the time, had even performed CPR on a patient in cardiac arrest, after he'd obtained a hospital ID badge.

    Scheidt told investigators the badge had been given to him accidentally when he went to get a badge for his job as a clerk at a doctor's office across the street.

    "Their error was putting me in apparently as a physician assistant into their computer," Scheidt told investigators in August, according to WPTV. "Let's even say that I said I was a physician assistant. Let's even say that I was. Are you that stupid that you are just going to put me in the system as that, without any credentials or any paperwork or nothing?"

    "Impostor" Teen Busted Again, This Time as Cop

    While at the hospital, Scheidt also interviewed an undisclosed number of patients, read confidential medical records, conducted physical exams on disrobed male patients, cleaned and dressed wounds, and restrained one combative patient, authorities said.

    Scheidt was arrested and released on bond, but was arrested in January in Miami Beach for impersonating a police officer after an encounter with an undercover cop.

    Miami Beach Police say Scheidt pulled along side the undercover officer in a white Ford Crown Victoria and advised the real cop, who he didn't realize was an undercover officer, to fasten his seatbelt.

    When police searched Scheidt's car, they found a .380-caliber Ruger under the front passenger seat, a Taser, handcuffs, a radio, an Osceola County Sheriff's badge, identification cards, several Osceola County Police shirts and an empty ankle holster, police said.

    "Impostor" Teen Busted Again on Theft Charge

    Police say the the non-functioning police radio was stolen from the Osceola County Sheriff's Office and one of the identification cards belonged to the Sheriff's Office.

    Scheidt was arrested and charged with falsely impersonating an officer, carrying a concealed firearm and weapon and grand theft.