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Local Star Shines At White House Science Fair



    NBC 6's Keith Jones shows you a local science star who dazzled President Barack Obama at the White House. (Published Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

    It’s tough to outshine the President of the United States at the White House, but 12-year-old Peyton Robertson of Fort Lauderdale gave it his best shot at the 4th annual White House Science Fair.

    President Barack Obama hosted the science fair Tuesday and Peyton was one of the students showing off his latest invention, a sandless sandbag born out of Peyton’s experience dealing with hurricanes in South Florida.

    “I know how devastating hurricanes and saltwater can be,” Peyton said. “We had Superstorm Sandy in the news and I survived Hurricane Sandy in the closet with my mom.”

    Peyton’s sand-less sandbag weighs approximately four pounds and instead of sand, it’s filled with a polymer and salt. Peyton said the “polymer will expand and fill in the gaps between the individual bags while still being bonded together by an interlocking fastener system.”

    Peyton has three patents pending on different inventions, including his sand-less sand bag. His inventions have him looking forward to a promising and possibly lucrative future, that President Obama took note of at the science fair.

    “One last question…where do I buy stock in you?” Obama asked. “Let’s just invest in this guy.”

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