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Miami-Dade Dengue Fever Case is 1st of 2014



    Miami-Dade Dengue Fever Case is 1st of 2014
    In this undated file photo provided by the USDA, an aedes aegypti mosquito is shown on human skin.

    The first locally acquired case of Dengue Fever in Miami-Dade in 2014 has been confirmed, state health officials said Wednesday.

    The patient was diagnosed based on symptoms and confirmed by laboratory tests and has fully recovered from the illness, the Florida Department of Health said in a statement.

    More details on the case will be given at an afternoon news conference.

    Man, 18, is First Locally Acquired 2013 Dade Dengue Case

    [MI] Man, 18, Was The First Person in 2013 to Contract Dengue Fever Locally in Dade
    An 18-year-old man was the first person to locally acquire a case of Dengue Fever in Miami-Dade county in 2013, health officials said. The person _ who has since recovered _ was diagnosed with Dengue Fever based on their symptoms and it was confirmed by lab tests.
    (Published Friday, Aug. 23, 2013)

    Dengue Fever is a viral disease transmitted by a mosquito common the southeastern U.S. and the tropics. It is not spread person to person. Symptoms include a fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit, severe headache, severe pain behind the eyes, muscle, joint and bone pain, rash, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

    Officials say there is no medication or vaccine for the fever, but residents should take measures to guard against the disease. They include:  draining standing water, discarding old tires, buckets and other items that aren't in use. Cover your skin with clothing when outside when mosquitoes are active, wear repellent and use mosquito  netting to cover children until 2 months old. Also, cover doors and windows with screens.

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