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Miami-Dade Police Arrest 36 in Domestic Violence Operation

Operation part of city-wide initiative to arrest domestic violence offenders



    Miami-Dade Police Arrest 36 in Domestic Violence Operation
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    The Miami-Dade Police Department arrested 36 individuals in April as part of a city-wide initiative to take domestic violence offenders off the streets.

    Three dozen individuals were arrested Wednesday by Miami-Dade Police as part of a citywide effort to reduce the number of domestic violence offenders on the streets.

    Miami-Dade Detective William Moreno said 12 were taken into custody Wednesday and 24 were arrested on April 18 as part of the operation. He said 12 individuals have been arrested on felony charges and 24 on misdemeanor charges.

    Jose Luis Rodriguez was arrested for aggravated battery after allegedly squeezing his girlfriend’s pregnant stomach, according to police reports.

    Taffany Monique McCall was arrested when she allegedly punched her husband in the face after his phone rang thinking it was another woman, according to reports.

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    Other individuals were arrested on charges that range from simple battery to attempted homicide.

    The Domestic Violence Unit of the Miami-Dade Police Department joined forces with the Felony Apprehension Team, Tactical Robbery Unit and the Problem Solving Team to make the arrests.

    Detectives have been busy conducting more than 95 home checks, addressing open cases and assisting victims and their families.

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    The undertaking comes on the heels of what community leaders have cited as a marked increase in fatal domestic violence cases in Broward County.

    Community leaders and law enforcement officials will hold a press conference Thursday at 10 a.m. to address the rising trend and buckle down on prevention.