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Miami Students Say Please Don't Stop the Music

The Miami Music Project's Orchestra Academy is making a difference, but they need help to continue



    Miami Students Say Please Don't Stop the Music

    Some Miami youth are creating social change by creating harmony.

    The Miami Music Project started a couple of years ago to help keep music in schools, and just a few months ago it launched the Miami Orchestra Academy, a new program that's reaching into communities where children are not exposed to classical music.

    It is already changing lives. The players, some as young as 3, range from inexperienced to experienced yet they're already creating melodies together.

    "We believe that music has power of changing your life. If you grow up with music, it helps you with everything you do in life especially for children,” says director Anna Pietraszko.

    These young musicians are no pros, but they're learning to be the best.

    "How to work your air system. You don't actually breathe from the nose because you go from here. You have to go from the stomach," student Ruben Cova demonstrates.

    Volunteer professionals offer one-on-one instruction, intense lessons mixed with group collaboration, helping mold musicians who wouldn't be anywhere else.

    "When you're stressed, it just takes it all away," student Arianna Leon says with excitement.

    The students are creating these harmonies at no cost to their parents, but it takes donations to keep the music alive.

    "We are always working on fundraising and reaching out to people to invest in this amazing program because this is not just supporting, you’re actually investing in these kids lives. You're investing in their future,” Pietraszko explains.

    Money and instruments help more children get this rare opportunity.

    "A lot of music programs in the schools were cut. A lot of music teachers no longer have jobs and somehow music got pushed to a second importance," Anna Pietraszko adds.

    But in this program, music matters and it's the instrument inspiring a young generation of new artists.

    "It has a beautiful sound and every time I see a video I try to imitate this sound so I can get better and everything," Cova added.

    This is made possible by a matching grant, meaning organizers have to raise a lot of money to keep it. It's why they're reaching out for donations including money and instruments that may be sitting around your home - so that the music won't have to stop.