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Motorcyclist Killed in 'Horrific' Miami Crash

Rider hits pole, launches 350 feet over embankment



    Motorcyclist Killed in 'Horrific' Miami Crash
    The motorcycle belonging to the victim of a fatal motorcycle accident sits on U.S. 1 in Miami Thursday night.

    Authorities are investigating a gruesome motorcycle accident in Miami last night that claimed the life of a Sunrise man.

    Shortly after 10:00 p.m. Thursday night, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue was called to the scene of what one official said was "one of the most horrific accidents we've ever seen involving a motorcyclist." 

    According to investigators, several motorcyclists were riding north bound on U.S. 1, and just as they were approaching I-95, 30 year old Erik Stevenson, of Sunrise, lost control of his bike.

    Stevenson, hit a light pole and was thrown about 350 feet over an embankment and into a yard below. The motorcycle kept going another 350-400 feet along the expressway where it eventually came to a stop.

    "The impact was so severe, it basically killed this individual on impact," said Lt. Ignacious Carroll of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. "We don't know how fast he was going or if any other factors will be investigated with the accident."

    Authorities spent several hours Friday morning combing the yard of the house on Southwest 19th Road where the body was found, trying to recover all they could.

    Florida Highway Patrol will be continuing the investigation and interviewing the other motorcyclists who were with the victim.

    Neighbors who saw the aftermath say the victim's legs were missing.

    "I heard a noise, I thought it was something in the house," said nearby resident Bruno Koplin. "I also heard people screaming outside and when I came outside I saw police. Someone told me there was a body outside, they said the guy just flew over and came down."

    "You can imagine some of the residents, especially the one where the body landed in the yard, how horrific this is for them to have to see this and all the commotion that is taking place out here," said Lt. Carroll.