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No Bond For Man At Center of Police Misconduct Case

Kenneth Post's attorney, Kelly Murdock, told the judge he needed to be home to take care of his mother



    Kenneth Post's sister, Janet Kelly, told NBC 6 she was disappointed with the judge. (Published Thursday, June 14, 2012)

    A Broward County judge denied bond for a man involved in a case where three Fort Lauderdale police officers were criminally charged with falsifying a police report.

    Kenneth Post, 49, appeared in court Thursday with attorney Kelly Ann Murdock, and was denied his motion for reconsideration of bond.

    “He cut off his ankle monitor and absconded,” said Judge Paul L. Bachman. “No contact with his lawyers, no contact with the courts. That was the basis by which he sits in jail. It was his act and his act alone that ended up revoking his pretrial [release].”

    Post was arrested in 2009 on burglary charges at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina. The three Fort Lauderdale Police officers who were pursuing him, and whose vehicle crashed into his, have since been charged with falsifying a police report, authorities said.

    In his fifth bond hearing, Murdock requested Post’s bond be reset so he would be able to take care of his 82-year-old mother, who was also in court. Murdock argued Post, who she said has been in custody for 15 months, was less of a flight risk now that his charges of assault and battery on a law enforcement officer have been dropped.

    His sister, Janet Kelly, said the family was disappointed with the judge and called the case “inconsistent.”

    “He was brutally beat up by the policeman, he did not try to run over anybody at the hotel, and for now, to say now two and a half years later that we are still dealing with the same thing, and that they are turning their heads and looking the other way,” she said.

    In May, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department announced 13-year veteran Sgt. Michael Florenco and six-year veteran Detective Matthew Moceri had both been charged with four counts of official misconduct, one count of perjury in an official proceeding and one count of conspiracy to commit official misconduct – all felonies – as well as four counts of falsifying records, a misdemeanor, the police department said.

    Officer Geoffrey Shaffer, who has been with the department five years, has been charged with four counts of official misconduct, one count of conspiracy to commit official misconduct and four counts of falsifying records, Fort Lauderdale Police said.

    An investigation by the FBI Broward County Public Corruption Task Force found that physical evidence contradicted the reports, probable cause affidavits and sworn testimony the officers provided, police said.

    “We don’t understand why they haven’t dropped all the charges,” Kelly said as she began to cry. “We are going to continue to investigate, we’re not going to let up, we’re just going to continue because we love our brother, and I’ve worked so hard to try to get him justice. Those police officers deserve what they get.”

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    The siblings’ mother agreed.

    “Even though the facts show that he is telling the truth, it seems like justice really is blind,” said his mother, Marian Post.

    Post’s family told NBC 6 he sustained a broken nose, lacerations, stitches, and bruises, and that he continues to suffer headaches due to the incident.

    “He’s at a low point in his life,” his sister said. “He certainly has a reason to be depressed when no one believes you after a year and a half, two years.”

    Post’s trial is scheduled for July 2.

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