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North Miami Approves Strip Club to Sell Alcohol on Sesame Street

The City of North Miami Council approved an ordinance allowing alcohol to be sold at the strip club



    North Miami Approves Strip Club to Sell Alcohol on Sesame Street

    The city of North Miami gave the green light for the first all-nude gentleman club to open and be able to sell alcohol – a combination previously banned by ordinance.

    On Tuesday, the city council approved the measure in a 3-2 vote to allow the strip club to open next to public television station WPBT that had broadcast “Sesame Street” for 20 years.

    The street the club will open on – northeast 20th Avenue – has been dubbed “Sesame Street” as an ode to the popular children’s show.

    Pam Solomon, a spokesperson with the City of North Miami, said the club was approved with several provisions that include having two off-duty officers on the premise.

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    The strip club must also meet certain distance requirements that mandate it remain 1,500 feet from schools, churches, parks and residences.

    As it stands, however, the club does not meet the distance requirements and will have to appear before the board of adjustment to obtain a zoning variance. The board grants variances on a case by case basis, city officials said.

    Nude Clubs Focus of City Council Meeting

    Councilman Scott Galvin previously defended allowing the strip club to open and said the strip club would be better than an abandoned building and would add jobs to the community and revenues to the city's tax base.

    “There's two half a mile up Biscayne Boulevard from here, there's one literally two blocks around the corner on West Dixie from here, so it's not like we're introducing anything new to northeast Dade, it's just new to North Miami,” Galvin said.

    It is not known when the club plans to open.

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