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Officers Caught in Nasty Dog-Licking Scandal

Dog ate out of peanut butter jar, which was then put back on the shelf for unsuspecting officers



    Officers Caught in Nasty Dog-Licking Scandal

    If a Fort Lauderdale police officer offers you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, run away.

    Several high-ranking officers are under investigation and could face criminal charges for letting a dog eat out of a peanut butter jar and then placing it back on the shelf for other unsuspecting officers to use, according to the South Florida Times.

    It's unclear how many officers ate the contaminated peanut butter, but the prank wasn't discovered until after a detective realized he had caught several officers talking about it on his audio recorder.

    Now, what was meant to be a prank has turned into a dog-licking scandal that has created quite a rift in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

    Det. Colin Cowderoy blew the whistle on the dog licking scandal Feb. 9.

    According to theSouth Florida Times, the audio recording captured officers on the evening shift laughing about watching officers eating the peanut butter, which was located in the kitchenette that most officers used on their breaks.

    The recording also caught someone who works the night shift talking about how she was instructed to secretly video record officers on the day shift eating the dirty spread.

    The video recordings and audio tapes have been seized and the Police Department's Internal Affairs division is investigating.

    So far no one has been suspended or arrested, but Fort Lauderdale Police spokesman Frank Sousa said criminal charges could be coming soon.