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Teen Accused of Killing Parents Gets Beaten in Jail

The teen was beat after he ate the cake intended for another inmate's birthday.



    Teen Accused of Killing Parents Gets Beaten in Jail
    St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office
    Tyler Hadley

    Two St. Lucie County Jail inmates were arrested Wednesday after allegedly beating a teenager accused of killing his parents in July.
    Woodson Fluerine and Michael Garofolo were charged with felony battery by a person detained in jail as a result of the Dec. 1 incident, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports.

      Tyler Hadley told the jail he promised Fluerine a cake with cookies for Fluerine's 18th birthday and instead ate the cake himself, according to the Sentinel.
    Fluerine became irate that Hadley had ruined his birthday plans and asked the teen to talk in his cell, the Sentinel said.
    Security footage captures Fluerine punching Hadley. He does not defend himself during the six-minute attack.
    Video also shows Garofolo enter the cell and punch him three times.
    An investigator stated that some of the inmates may have distracted jail security and kept a lookout, according to the Sentinel. During the beating, Garofolo looked directly at the cell tower and other inmates blocked the view into the cell.
    The two inmates would not speak about the incident without legal representation and Hadley told the investigators that he didn't know why he hadn't reported the incident when it happened, the Sentinel reported.
    Hadley was 17 when he was charged with two counts of first-degree murder for allegedly beating his parents to death with a hammer.