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Two Officers Get a Little Too Friendly

One officer shows some porn, another wants to make some of his own



    Two Officers Get a Little Too Friendly
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    It was the week of Officer Pervy.

    In this week's edition of Cops Gone Wild...

    While no teenage boy would turn down a chance to watch porn, even a ball of hormones knows it's not cool if an adult is the one to show him.

    Former sheriff's deputy Robert Kijanka admitted to showing a group of juvenile prisoners a pornographic movie, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office reported the Sun-Sentinel.

    Kijanka admitted showing the inmates the dirty movie and then lending it to the inmates for several weeks, and inmates also claimed he showed them pictures of his wife wearing a bra and short pants.

    Kijanka, who was arrested Thursday on charges of introducing contraband into a penal facility and showing obscenity to minors, was released Friday on $3,000 bail and placed on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

    "Was it stupid on my part? Yes, it was," said Kijanka.

    Also stupid was former Florida Highway Patrol trooper Ariel D. Valentin, who was arrested on allegations that he followed a woman to her home, made her strip naked and then coerced her to have sex with him to avoid a traffic citation or a trip to jail, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

    The woman who reported Valtin said that, after she was involved in a minor traffic accident, he pulled her over near her Palm Springs home. He told the other driver to leave the scene, but instead of letting the woman go, he asked to search her.

    In what sounds like a bad porno, when she turned her pockets inside out, Valentin said he needed to search her further... at her home.

    On Wednesday Valentin resigned from the FHP after five years serving six counties, including Palm Beach and Broward.