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Florida Felon Stars in Prison Break In

A Florida inmate feared life on the outside so much he tried to get back inside



    Florida Felon Stars in Prison Break In
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    Let me in. Let me in. Let me in!

    Sylvester Jiles wasn't ready to leave prison when he was released on Friday.

    So on Monday, the convicted killer decided to break back in to the Brevard County jail that he called home for the past two years. Usually prisoners are trying to bust out of the joint, but Jiles told police his best chance at survival was to get back behind bars.

    At least he didn't commit a crime against someone else to get re-arrested. Jiles has to get points for that. But there may have been a better way to go about the situation.

    He pleaded with deputies to let him back in for his own protection because people on the outside were making threats on his life. Jiles, who was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of a man, said the victim's family had made threats to kill him. Still the deputies told Jiles he was a free man.

    Jiles made a daring re-entry that now has him clinging to life in a hospital. He scaled the outside fence and then fell through three layers of barbed wire on his way back to incarceration.

    "He came over the top of the fence and fell down with all of his body weight through three layers of that and suffered some pretty serious cuts to his body," Brevard County Sheriff's OfficeMaj. Greg Purden said.

    Officials said Jiles appeared to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Ya think?