Activists Protest Iran Deal at Congresswoman's Aventura Office

Activists were slamming Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Monday, after a resolution backing the Iran deal was blocked from the DNC.

A large group of protesters tried to sway her decision to not back it. Wasserman Schultz wasn't in her office during the protest, but hundreds showed up anyway.

"If she can live with herself and sleep at night and have blood on her hands, then so be it. That's her choice," said Racheli Refaael, who is against the deal.

Hundreds gathered outside the congresswoman's Avenura office. Their message: Say no to President Obama's Iran nuclear deal.

But a fog of frustration loomed because Wasserman Schultz, who is also the DNC chairwoman, hasn't said whether she's voting yes or no.

"I think she's in a tough position as head of the DNC. And most of her constituents and most Americans oppose the deal. So she's saying that she wants to think about it, but she's had plenty of time to think about it," said Carol Flatto, who is against the deal.

In her most recent statement, Wasserman Schultz said she is going to meet with Vice President Joe Biden this week when he visits South Florida: "There are a number of questions and concerns. My goal has been and remains seeking as much information as possible."

But some protesters believe she's stalling for political convince. One lady even posted this: "Debbie Wasserman, where are you hiding?"

"Because if she was upfront with people, she would be here and telling them what she thinks and what she is going to do. We need her to vote no to this deal," Refaael said.

But her spokesperson told NBC 6 she's not in hiding, saying Wasserman Schultz was at several meetings in the district on Monday including one with Broward County Jewish community leaders regarding the Iran deal.

Congress will get back to work on Monday, and the deal must be voted on by the end of September.

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