Actor Mauricio Ochmann Returns as Jose Maria Venegas in Telemundo's New Super Series “El Chema”

Mauricio Ochmann returns to the small screen next Tuesday December 6th in the brand new Telemundo super series “El Chema”.

Ochmann’s successful portrayal in the role of Jose Maria “El Chema” Venegas on the hit super series “El Señor de los Cielos” was expanded to its own spin-off series, a feat the actor is very excited about.

“To be able to play “El Chema” on its own super series is a real dream come true for me,” Ochmann said. “I feel like a kid with a new toy.”

At times imitating events in the life of real Mexican cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the new super series “El Chema” tells the story of how Jose Maria Venegas got his start in organized crime, and how he rose through the ranks to become the head of the cartel we last saw him running in season two and three of “El Señor de los Cielos”.

“Yes I’m kind of (playing) a badass!” Mauricio said. “Especially the scene where my character escapes from jail on a motorcycle, there’s a lot of action and a lot of passion, it’s just a great project!”

For Ochmann whose dashing good looks often lands him “the boy next door” type of roles, playing a dark and psychotic character like “El Chema” is a challenge he’s willing to take and a role of a lifetime for him as an actor.

“It’s fun to play these kind of characters. It’s fun to play this guy who has all this baggage” he said. “I think we have a solid storyline here and psychologically the characters are well developed. It’s amazing to be part of a project like this it’s like being in a huge action movie.”

With Telemundo’s primetime line-up ratings on the rise against rival Univision, “El Chema” comes packed with action, thrills and excitement a definite must see for all of today’s action seeking audience.

“What makes this story different from all the other series on TV is the fact that Telemundo is always willing to raise the bar higher than before with the quality of their productions,” Ochman said. “With “El Chema” you’re going to notice a difference with the camera and the shooting styles, there’s a lot of new things and you’re going to love it”

“El Chema” premieres next Tuesday December 6th starting at 10pm/eastern and 9pm central on NBCUniversal’s sister station Telemundo.

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