‘Alice Wonderland' Says Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar Told Him to Wreck Liquor Shop: Police

A Florida man arrested for destroying a liquor store under construction told police he was Alice in Wonderland and that a "hookah-smoking caterpillar" ordered him to attack the site.

Crestview police said in a post on Facebook that Matthew Horace Jones is accused of breaking into a fenced-in area and using a forklift to cause more than $100,000 in damage. He faces grand theft felony and other charges.

Witnesses called 911 and police went to the site. The police report says Jones aimed the forklift toward officers, who stopped him at gunpoint.

Police quoted Jones as identifying himself as Alice in Wonderland, blaming the attack on "a hookah-smoking caterpillar" before he later gave his real name.

“The defendant stated (Walmart was) building a place to sell alcohol and he had a problem with it," an arrest report said.

No lawyer is listed for him.

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