Animals Dealing With Similar Seasonal Allergies as Humans

Seasonal allergies can certainly make people feel miserable this time of year - but did you know your pet could also be suffering from allergies?

Veterinarians say the signs your pet has seasonal allergies are through skin conditions, skin infections, and recurring ear infections.

Animals have been found, much like humans, to be dealing with problems from issues like different types of grasses, tree pollen and even dust mites. It's a subject that South Florida vet Dr. Ian Kupkee covered on NBC 6 this past March.

"So once you find out what your dog or cat is allergic to, they'll actually compound those things in a form of oral solutions where your body kind of gradually acclimates to those allergens,” said Dr. Jae Chang

Allergy testing through blood work is urged as the only way to know what's causing the problems.

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