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Another Apartment Building in Bay Harbor Islands Deemed Unsafe

The building, located at 1060 95th Street, is 73 years old and has been repeatedly cited by the town in the past

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Less than a day after residents of a Bay Harbor Islands apartment building were ordered to evacuate, another building not far away was declared unsafe.

Residents of nine units at 1060 95th Street were ordered to immediately evacuate Thursday after an independent engineer found "significant structural defects" and the building was deemed unsafe by town officials.

"The building is 73 years old, and has been repeatedly cited by the Town of Bay Harbor Islands for numerous violations," officials said in a news release. 'Unfortunately, neither the property owner nor subsequent receiver have rectified the structure’s issues, and today’s notification by the independent engineer of a safety issue necessitates the evacuation of the building.

Photos provided to NBC 6 by a resident show the ceiling collapsing inside of a unit.

Frank Kaltenekker
Damage from inside a unit at 1060 95th Street in Bay Harbor Islands.

“It’s very frustrating, it’s very upsetting. I was very upset this morning. About the whole thing ... It’s just something I don’t need in my life right now to have to go live in a hotel," said Frank Kaltnekker, who provided the photos. "Find a new place to live. It’s confusing. It’s confusing and it’s upsetting.”

Kaltnekker said the ceiling collapsed inside his apartment. He was then moved to a new unit -- and it happened again -- this time in his bedroom while he was sleeping.

Kaltnekker said he and others are being moved into a hotel for the time being.

On Wednesday night, residents from 24 units at a building located at 1080 93rd Street were ordered to immediately evacuate after town officials declared the structure unsafe.

A 13-page inspection report said inspectors found cracks in concrete, "severe deterioration" in exterior corridors, and bulging and expansion of concrete on a walking surface.

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