Hollywood Police Athletic League Splits With Antonio Brown After Latest Incident

Police Athletic League severs ties with former NFLer after series of domestic dispute calls

Hollywood police said their athletic league has severed ties with former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown after a series of tense confrontations including one Monday morning at his home, officials said.

Officers responded to Brown's home on Monday after officials said he was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend regarding ownership of a Bentley.

During the incident, Brown was "very rude and disrespectful" and used "degrading language" in front of his young children, police said in a statement.

Brown posted the fallout of the argument on his Instagram story. He can be seen taunting and hurling obscenities at his girlfriend, while she speaks to police with their children nearby.

The incident follows another on Dec. 14 in which officers responded to Brown's home after his girlfriend and mother to his three children called police to help her remove her belongings from his home after an argument the night before, an incident report said.

Police said when officers approached the front door of Brown's home to explain the situation, he became argumentative and treated officers with "disrespect and disdain."

The incident report said Brown wanted to report the Bentley as stolen. She was able to provide video of Brown gifting her the vehicle, but police said there is no evidence she owns the car and said it is registered to Brown.

After more back and forth, Brown closed the door on officers and returned a few minutes later with children's clothing. The clothes were given to his girlfriend.

The incidents have caused a rift between Hollywood Police and Brown. In a statement, the department said Brown was removed from its Athletic League after a long relationship between the two.

"This type of behavior and communication with Officers is completely opposite of what we teach and instill in the youth of our community in the way of respect for parents, teachers, elders and all those in positions of authority. We began to reach out to Mr. Brown to have a conversation with him. We were unsuccessful in that effort," Hollywood Police Department said in a statement.

The department said they returned a check that was donated to the athletic league and Brown's donations to the league will no longer be accepted by the department, according to police.

"This league was not dependent on his donation or involvement. We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent our organization," the department said in a statement.

Hollywood police have also issued a trespass warning to Brown for any Police Athletic League property.

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