‘Anything Is Possible': South Florida Man Spent 93 Days in Hospital Battling COVID

"I never thought I was gonna make it," Delbin Campos said

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After 93 days in the hospital battling COVID-19, a South Florida man is finally back home.

The healthcare heroes at South Miami Hospital gave Delbin Campos a heartfelt farewell surprise as he was discharged last week, but the 38-year-old has gone through quite a journey.

"I never thought I was gonna make it," said Campos.

Campos and his wife Maylin Flores, said it started with him experiencing shortness of breath and then they saw a steep decline in his health.

“Since November 14th he’s been hospitalized, so it’s been a long journey. It was a hard road through the holidays having him hospitalized and not knowing what was gonna happen," said Flores.

Campos worked in the restaurant business and due to the physical nature of his job, he hasn't been able to go back. He had so many complications from COVID that he doesn't remember much from his time in the hospital. His doctors say he was intubated for about two months.

“Unfortunately, very quickly he deteriorated to the point of needing a breathing tube and needing to be on the breathing machine in the ICU and for weeks and months he was essentially in a coma," said Dr. Amreen Quadir, an Internal Medicine Hospitalist at South Miami Hospital.

Day by day, Campos was able to fight to survive. He is now starting his recovery process from the comfort of his home.

“The faith that his wife had, that he had and all the incredible work that he did to get better, it gave us a little boost," said Dr. Quadir.

"We’re so happy that every day was a little better, like little baby steps," said Flores.

Campos still has a long road ahead as he will need to do physical therapy, but the husband and wife say they are grateful to their faith and those who were devoted to getting him back on his feet.

“The doctors and nurses from South Miami hospital. They did an incredible job taking care of me. Stay strong and anything is possible," said Campos.

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