Ay Papo! Pitbull on Trial for DUI

Rapper Pitbull was arrested in December 2007 for going 93 mph and wreaking of alcohol

Pitbull's fast talking will be put to the test in a Miami-Dade courtroom this week as he fights charges that he was under the influence when he was flying down the Palmetto Expressway in December 2007.

Pitbull Bites

And by flying, we mean going 93 mph in his Mercedes.

The DUI trial, which is expected to start some time today, is Pitbull's second DUI charge. He pleaded no contest in March 2001 and only paid a fine.

The rapper has done a good job living up to his bad boy image on stage. Earlier this year at a concert, Pitbull clocked a fan that he pulled on stage in a YouTube moment for the ages.

On Dec. 21, 2007, a marked police car pulled over Pitbull, AKA Armando Perez, for speeding but really got suspicious when the rapper refused to step out of his vehicle. When he did, the rapper practically broke out into a concert. The arrest report said Pitbull's "speech was rapid and slurred."

When asked to conduct a few field sobriety tests, Pitbull responded, "Let's do this yo," according to the report.

Pitbull tried to mask the heavy scent of alcohol with the famous cure-all of chewing gum. It didn't work. He also hit the cops with a celebrity trademark, "This is a big waste of time your time papo." After all, he is Mr. 305.

If convicted, Pitbull could serve jail time and have his license suspended indefinitely.

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