Flamingo Gardens Welcomes First Baby Flamingo Born in Sanctuary

What's better than a flamingo? A baby flamingo!

Flamingo Gardens in Davie welcomed a new baby flamingo, the very first to be born in the sanctuary. 

"It's very exciting in 91 years of existence ... this baby is the first baby that's ever been actually born here from our flock," said wildlife curator Laura Wyatt.

Producing a baby flamingo is very rare. Flamingos have babies only once a year and lay only one egg. On top of that, Flamingo Gardens has a small flock of only 14. Normally in captivity it takes a flock of up to 24 to be able to produce. This normally happens during the spring, and they hatch in late July or August.

This American baby Flamingo has the wildlife curators on cloud nine.

"We were super excited when we came in, and we saw the little baby making noise and pipping in the egg," Wyatt said.

The chick was born Aug. 1 at a mere 88 grams. Three flamingo eggs were collected from the flock as they were laid and artificially incubated to ensure hatching success. So far only one egg has hatched.

Even though this is such a unique situation, the staff has raised baby Flamingos before and know how to take care of them. This miracle baby is in good hands.

"He seems really good and really healthy. We're very, very excited here at Flamingo Gardens," Wyatt said.

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