‘Bank Jugging' Suspects Caught in the Act: Doral Police

Police in Doral have arrested three people who they say were targeting bank customers for burglaries in an act known as "bank jugging."

Robert Ben Jenkins, 32, Porscha Jeanette Moore, 27, and Andre Maurice Taylor, 37, were arrested Friday on charges including burglary, petty theft and marijuana possession, Doral Police officials said.

According to police, the three suspects came from Houston, Texas, and rented a car to stalk customers at local banks for what police call "bank jugging," where suspects case bank for customers making withdrawals then follow them and burglarize their vehicle when they park elsewhere.

"What they're looking for is customers who come out of banks or leave ATMs with cash in hand and then leave the cash unattended in their cars," Doral Police Capt. Carlos Arango said.

A team of detectives that were working surveillance to catch bank juggers posed as potential targets for the trio, who followed a plain-clothed sergeant to the Miami International Mall, police said.

The suspects burglarized the sergeant's car but were quickly taken into custody, police said.

"These groups move from state to state looking for their victims. What better way to vacation than to steal other people's money and travel the country?" Capt. Arango said.

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