Miami International Airport

Biometric Facial Technology at Miami International Airport Seeks to Make Travel Safer

NBC Universal, Inc.

A new touchless technology feature at Miami International Airport promises to make travel safer as the holiday season approaches, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Biometric facial comparison allows international travelers to avoid physical contact with those working in the airport, and takes away the need for fingerprints.

Upon arrival to the South Florida airport from an international flight, travelers will take a photo at a primary Customs and Border inspection point. The photo will be compared to past images the traveler provided to the government, such as passport photos. 

The technology allows the traveler's identity to be confirmed and verified without physical interaction.

Also, foreign travelers who have traveled to the U.S. before will no longer need to provide fingerprints because facial comparisons will confirm their identity. 

In 2018, this technology was implemented in a section of the airport.

The expansion is now crucial as the holiday season approaches, normally the busiest time for travel. 

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