Boozer Busted After Calling 911 for Bar Ride

Tattooed Florida man tased, arrested in "emergency" bar call

Most barhoppers might call a taxi to help them get to their next destination, but Gregory Oras figured he'd give 911 a try.

The 37-year-old from Oldsmar over on Florida's west coast was busted yesterday after he called the emergency number three times looking for a ride, according to

In one of the calls, made as he was leaving a bar, Oras told cops he had a broken nose, bleeding ears and people shooting at him.

When Pinellas County sheriff's deputies showed up, Oras wasn't badly injured, but had a bad attitude. He had to be tasered after he reportedly kicked a deputy.

Oras was charged with making a false 911 call and battery on a law enforcement officer. He was being held at the Pinellas County jail.

As if Oras' attitude wasn't ugly enough, his mug shot shows him sporting several tattoos on his face and neck. A lengthy description of his tattoos in the police report notes another tat spelled out across his fingers, the word "cannibalism," as well as "doomed" spelled out on his back. There are several crosses, skulls and spiderwebs, as well as an elephant, dragonfly, snowman, naked pixies, a squirrel, a bat, a naked woman, a 2-headed child, a batman symbol with breasts, a pumpkin head and something described as an "evil eddie cartoon character."

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