Boris the Bandit Still on the Loose? Nyet.

Police arrested an armed robber who wore a fur hat to knock off a Game Stop

No, he wasn't trying to steal vodka (for that we nominate these clever culprits).

But Jerry Cheristil, aka Boris the Bandit, was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly knocking off a Game Stop last month.

Broward police say Cheristil, who has a significant criminal history and two outstanding warrants, walked into the video game store and told the manager to show him a game, pointing at said game with a semi-automatic handgun. He forced the manager to turn the cameras away and close the store, then proceeded to tie the manager's hands and make him sit in a storage room while he schlepped bags of loot out the back. In all, $14,000 in cash and merchandise.

Oh, and he was wearing a fur hat with ear flaps the whole time. We guess Minnesota Menace didn't have the same ring to it.

Nevertheless, Cheristil will now have to sport a different fashion trend: the ever-popular orange jumpsuit.

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