Boss: We Didn't Know Paddler Was A Convict

Background check didn't reveal that accused pervert had criminal past

The head of the company that hired a convicted sex offender to give paddle boat rides to kids this summer at a park in Deerfield Beach is speaking out, saying he had no idea of the alleged park perv's past.
"No, I didn't know that this person was working at that location," said Christopher De la Hoz, head of Toby's Concession services, which hired convicted sex offender Corey Hipscher.
Hipscher was arrested last week and charged with sexually molesting three young girls while working at the marina at Quiet Water Park. More accusations could be forthcoming.
De la Hoz said he hired another company, Broward Motor Sports, to provide paddle boat services.
"We expected them to do the job, making sure that whoever was out there would be somebody that would be safe for everybody," De la Hoz said.
Hipscher would get the young girls alone on the boat by telling adults that they weighed too much to ride, according to police.
Hisphire's girlfriend says the county should have known who he was.
"They have to go through higher people that he could work there, and everything went through," said Jennifer Cohen.
"I'm going to do everything I can in my responsibility to make our parks very safe," said Bob Harbin, with Broward Parks and Recreation. "We're going to beef up the contract language so that it's more specific, rather than saying we'll do background checks."
Harbin says Toby's has now rechecked all of its workers, running complete thorough criminal background checks, and no problems so far.
Hipscher, 37, is being held without bond in Broward.

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