Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Fights to Return to Operating Room

A doctor known for performing Brazilian Butt Lift procedures wants back in the operating room.

Dr. Osak Omulepu’s attorney has filed an appeal after the Florida Board of Medicine voted to revoke his license in April.

Two of his patients had an internal organ punctured during surgery in May 2015. After a hearing in October 2016, an administrative judge found Omulepu’s actions fell “below the standard of care.” Omulepu was able to practice after his license was revoked in April 2017 as his appeal began. When Lattia Baumeister, a mother of six, died in June 2017, an appeals court ruled Omulepu could no longer perform surgeries during the appeal process.

In a 40-page appeal, Omulepu’s attorney, Monica Felder Rodriguez, presented arguments why she believes he should be allowed to resume practicing law in Florida.

I understand their concern. When a patient has an injury, they’re rightfully concerned. But this happens, things happen during surgery,” said Felder Rodriguez.

She says a punctured organ is a known complication of surgery.

She believes the administrative judge ruled improperly when she said the patients were injured due to “incorrect angling” of the cannula, the medical instrument used to inject fat in the patient’s backside.

“That wasn’t alleged in the administrative complaint and absolutely no evidence was presented during the hearing that this is in fact what happened,” she said.

She also believes medical board members held it against him that he didn’t testify on his behalf.

“You can’t say, well that makes him guilty,” she said.

The state will soon be able to respond to the appeal. It could take months before the appeals court makes a decision about Omulepu’s future.

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