Broward Students Meet Survivors for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Broward County High School students heard survivors' stories.

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Broward County students got to meet Holocaust survivors and hear their stories Thursday for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The students and survivors, as well as children of survivors, met at the Broward County Convention Center on Yom HaShoah to commemorate those who died and survived during World War II.

"The trauma, how I understood the trauma," said Gerard Lob, whose parents lived in France before they were arrested and transported to concentration camps.

Stella Sonnenschein was 4 years old when the war broke out. She was in Warsaw, Poland at the time.

"I escaped the ghetto before the ghetto uprising. My parents were still in ghetto uprising until the ghetto was burning and they escaped at the last minute," Sonnenschein said.

The Holocaust Documentation and Education Center presented the event with other sponsors to make sure we never forget.

"It makes me think of the inhumanity of what us as humans can really get to do if we have a certain idea put into our minds by people and how dangerous it can be," said 12th grader Christian Handal.

Students listened to survivors' stories in detail and got a first-hand account of what it was like in the concentration camps.

"You have to show it to them and make them like reflect and like see what happened to all these people," said 10th grader Brayden Kloor.

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