Brownsville Middle School Students Took Guns to School: Police

Police were questioning the students.

Two loaded guns were found at Brownsville Middle School in Miami Wednesday prompting a school lockdown that left dozens of parents waiting for the all-clear to be given.

The campus was swarmed with a large police presence and dogs were brought in to sweep the area to find any additional weapons. Police said the “See it – Say It” program worked as the guns were found.

“All they said is to close the doors because there was a code red. Code read means they found illegal weapons in the school,” said sixth grader Angela Dowtin.

Another student said the exact details of what was going on weren’t shared with them.

“They said they weren’t allowed to tell us that information,” said eighth grader Nattosha Ruffin.

Police walked out two back packs from the school, but it’s unknown if the bags carried the weapons in question. One of the guns was found in an unattended book bag in the school, Miami-Dade Schools Police said.

Parents were kept away from the school for two hours while the sweep of the school was conducted. Some parents actually informed their children what was going on via text messages during the incident.

“My daughter texted me saying she had to pee,” said a parent who asked to be called Ty. “The teacher wouldn’t let her pee. I told her she just had to try to hold it because I heard there was some guns in the school. She said she wanted to come home. She’s scared.”

Other parents said the school scare on Wednesday was a symptom of poor parenting.

"No one sold these kids these guns," said parent Angela Dowtin. "No one gave these kids these guns. I believe that the parents somehow failed to secure their guns -- whether they're legal or not -- they failed to secure them."

Police haven’t said what charges have been filed or named the students who were responsible for bringing the guns into the school. 

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