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BSO, FBI, and Others Looking for Serial Robbers

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is looking for two robbers who robbed multiple businesses and then forced any victims in the stores to strip off their clothes before leaving the business.

The BSO is focusing on two of the robberies, one that happened at a Tamarac Subway on October 28 and another on October 31 at a Pompano Beach convenience store.

According to the BSO, two men wearing masks and gloves entered the Subway in Tamarac around 10:30 p.m.

“I see a masked guy huddled in coming in like this and that’s when I knew we were gonna get robbed,” said victim Kevin Benitez.

The suspects ordered two employees to duck behind the counter forced one to give them the money.

“Then he starts demanding money in the safe and I tell him I can’t open the safe, I can’t open the safe,” Benitez said. “That starts freaking me out and he’s like, give me all the money you got; so I open the register, give him all the money, then he says this isn’t enough money, you guys don’t want to die tonight.”

Benitez’s co-worker was being held at gun point the entire time.

“To be honest, I thought I was going to die that day,” said victim Josue Domingez. “You know, it’s just not right. You shouldn’t be doing that to people. Here we are working for $8 an hour and it’s not even fair just working for $8 an hour and for you to rob us right here, is just not fair.”

BSO said the robbers then took the victims to the back of the store and ordered them to take their clothes off. The suspects then ran out of the store through the same door they entered through.

In the October 31 robbery, the robbers dressed in black clothing and wore masks and gloves. The robbers, BSO said, went inside to demand money and again ordered the victim to take off his clothes. This time, the robbers hit the victim with a gun and later shot him in the leg because they thought he was lying about money in the store.

The FBI, Ft. Lauderdale Police, Plantation Police, and Sunrise Police are all investigating crimes with similar circumstances.

Plantation Police are investigating an October 7 robbery that happened at a Game Stop on West Sunrise Blvd. The robbers ordered a store employee to take off his clothes during a robbery. The robbers later forced another employee to drive them around before dropping them off in Lauderhill.

If you have any information about the robberies or the robbers, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477). 

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