Burglar Leaves Home's Computer Logged Into MySpace

Monroe County teen left identity on screen and pot on a table

There are dumb criminals everywhere, but it certainly seems like South Florida has a pretty large cache: a burglary suspect in Big Coppitt Key was identified after leaving a home's computer logged into his MySpace account.

Here's guessing 18-year-old Robert Rupp's friend count shortly dwindled.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says the caretaker of the home on Point Drive was opening hurricane shutters Sunday afternoon when he glanced through a window and saw someone sitting on a couch in the living room. The suspect was gone when deputies arrived, but they did find a few clues: an open window, a black backpack, marijuana on the coffee table, food wrappers, and an empty soda can.

Most damning of all, however, was that a computer in of the home's bedrooms was logged on to Rupp's profile on the social networking giant.

Rupp was found and arrested a short time later while walking around the same neighborhood with two screwdrivers in his pocket. He told deputies he entered the house "because it was cold outside."

He now faces charges of burglary, possession of burglary tools and theft.

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